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Signs Your Chameleon Is Dying

How to Tell If a Chameleon is Dying

How to Tell If a Chameleon is Dying In this post, we have a grim but important topic to cover – how to tell if a chameleon is dying. We’ll talk about the chameleon’s lifespan, common diseases, nutrition problems, and how to determine if your pet is in poor health. Chameleons have a life expectancy…

Which Plants Are Good For Chameleons?

plants good for chameleons

One of the main questions I get every time I meet with Chameleon owners is “which plants are good for chameleons”. Chameleons can make for great pets, but there are some things you’ll need to know as a chameleon owner that goes beyond having other pets like cats, dogs, rabbits, or snakes. Getting their habitat…

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