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4 Best Stackable Reptile Cages

4 Best Stackable Reptile Cages

Stackable reptile cages are a great tool for expanding a reptile collection. These enclosures offer lizards spacious accommodation in a compact space. They’re a must for anyone trying to grow their reptile collection, without taking up half the house with caging. Here’s our choice for the top four stackable reptile cages for chameleons and all…

The 3 Best Reptile Humidifier Misters

Reptile Humidifier Misters

You’re a dedicated reptile parent, meticulously curating the perfect habitat for your scaly (or shelled!) companion. You’ve got the heat lamp dialed in, the substrate is just right, but there’s one nagging issue – humidity. I have found that these three Reptile Humidifier Misters work very well. It’s either too high, turning your terrarium into…

The Best Cage For A Chameleon

The Best Cage for a Chameleon

Bringing a chameleon into your home is a thrilling experience. It’s an amazing pet, and you’ll spend hours watching this animal shift colors and catch bugs with its super-long, sticky tongue. Most chameleon owners focus on the animal when thinking about buying a chameleon. But there’s another important consideration to take care of before you…

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